Date: June 17th, 2021, Auther: aishineelectronics


Global source Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest electronics show in Asia.

Thought there’s violent members and cases in Hong Kong society, but Aishine has gotten full ready for this Show!



What’s special and cutting edge products launched by Aishine security?


Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Finder- The first version of detector!



This pinhole camera finder is portable for carry along to anywhere, and assume the personal privacy or proprietary information easily in a changing room, a public restroom and countless other seemingly secure locations, only to have their trust broken with hidden cameras.


Power Bank WiFi Hidden Security Camera-6M night vision

Hidden cameras are most commonly used in spaces where the user doesn’t want anyone to know they are being watched. It works in the house for home security and nanny camera, or office for business owner to safeguard the privacy,no attention with hidden housing.





What’s the most popular Hidden Cameras in the show?


Hidden Camera for home security and nanny camera, it’s not only be a security electronics in daily life, but also create value of society, no way to child abuse and indoor theft any more.


Aishine popular hidden cameras, they are:


HD 1080P Black Box PIR Security Camera


The black box shape hidden camera comes with real HD 1080p 2.0 mega pixel high resolution lens for a real and vivid video quality, just turn on for one key video recording to Micro SD card, and read on computer or any video player.


Long-Life Rechargeable 5000mA Battery not only realize long term video recording, but also with up to 100 Days Standby in PIR Detection Mode with accurate alarm.


HD 1080P/720P Wall Clock Security DVR Camera


It is a cute and classical designed wall/desk clock camera, with elegant housing, the real one will be much attractive than picture.


The most cool function is come with PIR detection sensor to get accurate video recording once detected uninvited guests, getting 4 months long standby time with internal 3000mA rechargeable battery supported.



HD 1080P DVR Hidden Camera Module


A hidden camera module is for easy fitting to anywhere, any housing, to DIY a own, exclusive and local style spy camera. It comes with 2.0 mega HD 1080p high resolution to record the real moments on Micro SD card(128GB Max), and playback on computer.

As well, it can be set to video record when motion triggered, 1500mA/2800mA/5000mA battery selectable for long time standby.


HD 1080P Weather Station DVR Camera

This is a common daily life electronics at most of EU and US home or office, have a general ideal of today’s weather, no longer meet the changeable day.

Video capturing to Micro SD card and replay on computer with loop recording, release memory capacity for the important. When motion detected, it will take video and record the moments accordingly and automatically.



Was your Wi-Fi Camera Affected by the P2P Server issue? We can help you!



Are you meet a problem Wi-Fi hidden camera cannot work?

Are you searching for a new qualified supplier for more business chance?

Aishine security will be the right one for you!

To survive from problem and trouble, start a new Wi-Fi hidden camera business! Aishine security, will provide the best solutions and support all the way.



The series of Wi-Fi cameras APP Tinycam was getting a high and increasing sales once been launched. Also, the Wi-Fi cameras are tiny,stylish and cost effective designed, well received with positive comments by users and buyers. Let’s list out the best seller cameras:


HD 1080P Power Bank Wi-Fi Security Camera

The power bank Wi-Fi Camera is not only a live streaming hidden camera, but also a functional power bank to carry along for mobile device charging.

Everything controlled at fingertips remotely to check online live video day and night, and motion detection alarm real time pushing.


HD 1080P Mini Easy Hidden WiFi Camera Module

It’s a hidden camera module with 1.0Mega resolution HD 1080P live streaming video remotely controlled by the app ”TinyCam”.
It’s multi-functional and easy for DIY needs.Such as integrating it into a teddy bear, bookshelf or mini vase to monitor home or office as a security camera.

6M Night Vision HD 1080P Tiny Clock Wi-Fi Security Camera


This Tiny and Fashion designed clock comes with simple date, local temperature and humidity info which auto-sync from internet once connected with Wi-Fi. The most important, it is integrated with a powerful 1080p smart invisible Wi-Fi camera comes with 6 meters powerful night vision for live streaming video day and night;

As well, it also support motion detect alarm function, it will push notifications with one picture at real time to smart phone remotely when the motion is triggered.

HD 1080P Dummy Router Hidden Wi-Fi Security Camera



This stylish dummy wireless router security camera is equipped with a high definition 1080P smart pinhole Wi-Fi camera, it comes with 6 meters powerful night vision for day and nigh live video streaming.

Easy hidden and wide using make it a ideal security device for smart home/business surveillance.


Aishine updated E-catalogue for the consumer electronics show, You deserve it!

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