Date: June 17th, 2021, Auther: aishineelectronics

Buying Guide For Aishine Spy Hidden Security Cameras

There are a number of scenarios where you have to install a spy camera to keep an eye of a particular person or place. It is better than a security camera as the security camera is detectable and you may not be able to spy on a certain person or place as people will be aware of it.


As wide usage and daily life necessary, hidden camera is a long and classical story comes with big potential market now and in the future. How to choose cameras from Aishine? Before buying Aishine spy camera, let’s go through these important factors.


WiFi or Not

Firstly, all cameras come in both Wi-Fi wireless and standalone DVR two version design. With Wi-Fi wireless design, you can have the advantage of placing it anywhere you want,and viewing live streaming video by phone anywhere anytime remotely worldwide; The standalone DVR comes with local one key motion detection video recording to memory card,comparatively speaking,it’s cost-effective.



The resolution determines the video quality. You will have to see if it offers a sharp resolution so that there can be accurate colors. All cameras are pinhole CMOS lens with 2.0 mega pixel(a little  bigger but clear lens) and 1.0 mega pixel(tiny small and not bad),according to product structure,each camera will be built-in suitable lens.


Night Vision:

Day and night working is perfect for a hidden camera. Aishine cameras are designed with invisible night vision lens for hiding in darkness and no red light.Also, there’s night vision one and no night vision, don’t worry about that the no night vision one cannot work at night, Covert IR Illuminator will help to come true at least 3 meter night vision (


View Angel:

Usually, most of cameras are with uncontrollable 60-120 degree view angle; If you like bigger one lens or wider view angle, that can be met requirements here, 180 degree and 330 degree horizontal rotating wide view cameras;Just fingers controlled on APP freely,to move the right angle to what we want.


Since a spy camera must have a discreet look, you must see that it must not look like a camera.

Also, all cameras will work indoor home and office. For example,table Clocks and weather station cameras will let you use it at bedroom for being baby monitor. Wall Clock, USB charger and black box camera will be ideal at living room for being nanny camera or pet monitoring. Wireless charger camera can be worked at office for privacy security and daily electronics.


Technical Support

How to use cameras?how to set up Wi-Fi connection? Why the camera cannot record videos?How to turn on camera? Aishine will support with easy guide card in gift box and tutorial video on YouTube;Besides, technical team is standby anytime when problem meet.A professional provider will promise a high quality purchasing.



Based on years of experience, to choose a nice hidden camera with potential target needs,that’s easy. But besides, to choose a reliable and professional vendor will be much more important and necessary. How’s your opinion?